My new summer mantra?
Dial down your effort and your sensitivity will soar.

As I prepare the Teacher Trainings for this year, I revisit and update the three major modules I’ve been offering since 2010: Abhyasa, Vairagya and Viveka. The first two are the foundational modules that give you the essential insight of the eight primary Movement Principles and how to create intelligent sequences from this perspective. Of course you’ll gain expertise in functional anatomy, assessing physical and energetic alignment, core philosophy in action, and pranayama and meditation basics. Viveka will advance your practice and teaching via a rigorous intensive that will cripple your old habits and re-awaken your passion and joy. This module insists on your presence on physical, mental and the subtle energetic levels – it’s one that many teachers take more than once.

Abhyasa = Show up and practice like there’s no tomorrow.
Vairagya = There is no tomorrow! Celebrate what is, now.
Viveka = Discernment. Dial down your effort and expectations, and your awareness and compassion will soar.

Is this your time to do a SmartFLOW training? There are about 3 spots left in Abhyasa and Vairagya coming up soon in the East Bay near my home. There’s still some space in Viveka in September – I am excited to offer it at the new Wanderlust studio in Hollywood.

Please, if you are thinking about these trainings, clear the decks and give yourself the time and space to learn and transform.