Namaste Yogis!
I’ve been uplifted by the live-streaming classes where I’ve “seen” many of you these last few weeks. It’s so fun to briefly “chat” before and after.
I thought I’d offer this quote from Albert Camus that I shared in my Pranayama and Meditation class last weekend:
“There is no love of life without despair of life.”
I don’t mean to add to our difficulties with this wise statement, rather I am inviting us to allow the fear, the anxiety and grief and all the uncertainties that this time conjures up to be felt and known. It is so tempting to turn away and try this and that to cure our anxiety, grief and fears. But just as every exhale is followed by an inhale -and indeed the completeness of each exhale invites a fuller and more satisfying inhale – the felt experience of darkness truly helps us know the light.
I just had a difficult, but honest, conversation with an old, dear friend. We had pushed a challenging moment off to the side, hoping it might just fade away I guess. Today, finally, we aired it out, spoke our truths and both of us feel so much lighter, and so much closer.
Yogis, it is cloudy in our world just now.
Let’s help each other stay – and not run away or pretend this big scary thing is not there. Lets hang in – there are indeed silver linings. The more we can let go and feel the darkness, the more we will expand into the light.