Advanced Teacher Training
(Yoga Alliance Registry 300/500)

REQUIREMENTS and PREREQUISITES for the 300/500 Hour SmartFLOW:
Our Advanced Training is adaptable to your needs and time frame. Work towards your certificate as intensely or as gradually (up to 3 years) as it suits your schedule and skills. We offer 2 11-day 100-hour intensives and 6-7 day 35/50-hour intensives as well as Weekend Modules.

If you’d like to become SmartFLOW and/or Yoga Alliance registered at either 200 or 300 levels, please begin with Abhyasa, our foundational intensive, and build from there.

* to complete your 200 hour certification, continue on with part 2, VAIRAGYA.

* to complete your 300 hour Advanced certification, continue on adding Advanced and Teaching Skills modules as you can. The 35/50-hour and weekend modules are generally open to the public. You may take these in any order to add specific skills and hours to your advanced training.

* VIVEKA, our Advanced 100-hour Intensive, will be offered again in 2018. Please let us know if you are interested, as this training usually fills quickly. We will send you the details soon.


April 20-30, 2017
ABHYASA: Part One of the 200hr (100hrs)
Wise Efforting – Foundation of SmartFLOW
You & The Mat in Oakland, CA

May 9-14, 2017
TEACHING SKILLS: Strength without Struggle (30hrs)
Yoga Tree in San Francisco, CA

July 6-16, 2017
VAIRAGYA: Part Two of the 200hr
Return to Center – Clear Languaging and Sequencing (100hrs)
You & The Mat in Oakland, CA

October 8-14, 2017
TEACHING SKILLS: Moving Through Obstacles (50hrs)
Wanderlust in Hollywood, CA

November 4-10, 2017
TEACHING SKILLS: Pranify! (35hrs)
Yoga Works in San Francisco, CA