A minimum of 1.5yrs of a consistent yoga practice (minimum 3-5 days per week.)
You must have a 200-hour certification from SmartFLOW Yoga, or from another certified school. If your 200-hour training is from another school, you will need to complete Abhyasa, Part I of the SmartFLOW training program. In this case the 100 hours from Abhyasa will be credited towards your 300/500-hour SmartFLOW Yoga certification.
The 200-hour Training is foundational: for anyone who wants to take their practice to a new level: teachers, future teachers, and lovers of yoga. Part 1, Abhyasa, will establish you in the classical practices of yoga, informed with a modern and in-depth understanding of the anatomy of the body. Part 2, Vairagya, invites you into the philosophical underpinnings of Yoga, and gives you the tools to sequence and instruct a SmartFLOW Yoga class with confidence and grace. You will fall in love with your practice (again!) and inspire others to do the same.

The 300/500-hour Advanced Training is designed to bring your teaching to a deeper and more refined level. Your practice will catapult forward in its subtlety and power; your teaching will advance in your ability to assess, instruct and adjust, as well build creative and transformational sequences, classes and workshops. In addition to training with Annie, you will also have the opportunity to study with many world-class teachers–friends and colleagues of Annie’s that supplement the specialty modules.
The Advanced Training is offered in modules or varying lengths, and in specific and specialty topics, from as short as a 10-hour 2-day, to 100-hour 11-day module. In addition you may accrue hours from many of Annie’s workshops at conferences and festivals around the world.

Begin your SmartFLOW Advanced Training with Abhyasa. This is the foundation of the language and methodology behind the understanding of SmartFLOW Yoga. These 100 hours will go towards your 300 and 500 hour training. You can take any of the shorter (20hr -50hr) modules at any time.
Please send your complete application no later than one week prior to the start date of the training. However, we recommend that you submit your application no later than the early bird registration deadline. We may accept last minute applications only if there is space in the program.
Not just yet. You have received your training under the SmartFLOW school, so your style of teaching will mirror that. Once you have completed your 300/500 hours of SmartFLOW teacher training, you can then apply to become a certified SmartFLOW teacher.
Depending upon your travel flexibility and where you live, the 200-hour program could be completed in as little two 11-day intensives, or you may choose weekend formats over the span of 3 months. You may also do Abhyasa Part 1, in one calendar year (in either format) and Vairagya, Part 2, in the next year.
The 300-hour program consists of 10hr, 20hr, 50hr and 100hr modules. You can create a program that works with your life calendar, and choose special topics to pursue based on your interests. The Advanced Training program could be completed in as little as 3 11-day intensives or in up to 3 years, depending on your life rhythm.
We require that you complete the 200-hour program in a maximum of 2 years and the 300/500 hour program in a maximum of 3 years. Of course, special circumstances may arise; please contact us directly if you need an extension.
Yes, we are a Yoga Alliance Registered School at the 200 and 300/500 hour level. Once you receive our certificate of completion, you can submit your SmartFLOW Yoga certificate to Yoga Alliance for registration.
Yes, all of our modules can be applied to our current program. We will ask that you complete the required homework assignment for that module in order to receive credit for the hours.
Yes, the 200-hour training is lead by Annie or her lead trainers.
For the Advanced Training, in addition to training with Annie, you will also have the opportunity to study with many world-class teachers –- Annie’s friends and colleagues — that supplement the specialty modules.
Yes, we offer one partial scholarship per training to prospective students. The scholarship is to 25% discount off the full tuition. The position is an In-Training Assistant (ITA), whom will report directly to the lead assistant and be responsible for attendance and have other support duties for the training. To apply for a scholarship, please contact us directly for an application.
To obtain a certificate of completion, you must attend 100% of the classes to comply with the Yoga Alliance requirements. We do understand that sometimes there are unforeseen conflicts, so we have a protocol of either private and/or online sessions designed specifically to make up what you have missed, as needed. A maximum of 15% of your contact hours from any training may be made up in this way.