In these times, it is so easy to fall into a feeling of helplessness. We may feel that there is so much amiss with our selves, our relationships, the leadership and indeed the planet.

We may feel that we are so small that we could never make a difference… Here’s a simple meditation with which to begin

Just begin:
Allow your mind, your heart to sense a memory, an image of someone, some creature or some place that is suffering. Feel it fully, however difficult. Be specific: some ONE being or place. And then sense where in you anger or sadness arises: let it come. Even feel your helplessness: that it is so big, even, so inevitable.
Now, into that place of tenderness, breathe. However soft, small or difficult, breathe.
With each inhale, see, sense, know the pain. With each exhale, sense space, clearing the pain and seeing ease.
Continue: Inhale know the challenge, exhale sense the healing. Each breath, see yourself, your friend, the earth, the turtle, or the beloved bird living in love, protection and ease.
When ready –5 minutes can be plenty! — close your meditation. Return, again and again. And let’s all remember, more often than not, simple is best.


May fear become trust.
May the land be healed, the waters pure.
May all beings be blessed, and live with ease.

May my breath be a blessing.


SmartFLOW Yoga