We all have periods of doubting, well, everything! And in these times, very little gets done: we hesitate and may blame others, we spin our wheels and get confused. In terms of our practice, doubt is clearly an obstacle and may keep us from even showing up!

But-a little doubt creeping into our minds and hearts can actually awaken us. If we have a concern, a question, a doubt about the why, the how and even if we should be practicing, then we are on a path to deeper understanding. Doubt can be a great generator of inquiry, which in my experience always leads to heightened appreciation and insight.

To doubt is to question, to not take things for granted or at face value, or even to refuse to accept something as true because some authority said so. In my view, the practices of Yoga are not something we do; rather that we are in a personal and honest relationship with them. In any relationship, we experience and trust what we feel – and over time, doubt diminishes and trust arises. Not because we heard it, or read about it, but because we felt it.
We know it, for ourselves; it is ours.

As practitioners, and as teachers of Yoga, let’s commit to allowing questions and doubt, knowing that whether we are on the mat or in living the principles, we will follow our heart’s queries to some new and embodied clarity. Like a walk in the deep woods, if we allow a little bit of darkness, we will emerge in the light.

Let’s continue to be open to inquiry and even doubt. You never know what we’ll discover!