Saying Goodbye.

Learning to say goodbye is a rotten, and an essential task. As you may know, dear friend, inspiring teacher and visionary colleague Maty Ezraty died July 9. What you may not know is that my older brother, Joe, died in March.

It is has been a difficult time, and I continue to seek ways to honor and say goodbye to each of them. Sharing memories as they arise with friends and family who knew them certainly helps; to be able to remember with a smile and even a chuckle is a true joy.

I catch myself seeking out things that seem to be sure, true or lasting. Even though I know that nothing is lasting! On better days, I find the power of ritual to be most comforting: As I start my practice, I pause and reflect on the fact that I can and do practice; at the end I literally count my blessings and make a wish that my blessings may benefit all others. I find myself utterly moved by the colors of the sunset when I get the chance to see it, by the bounty of the garden-especially the figs! – and by the goodness, patience and earnestness of friends and family, and my dear students.

I pray that I am learning to fully appreciate all that is, in each moment, as the cycle of grief lifts and topples me over, and over again.

I’ll be in LA NOV 9 for the celebration of Maty’s life.
Message me if you’d like more details.
I’d love to see you there.