Namaste Yogis!
I feel that there are 2 kinds of people in the world:
Those who get more focused in stillness,
and those who find a steadier attention when moving.
I think you can guess into which category I fall.
Years of childhood sports, ballet and modern dance, intensive study of yoga– yup, I’m a mover. I find that most of us can get comfortable being in motion when we know exactly what to do. But the great joy of being in motion is the exquisite ongoing minute-by-minute exploration of sensing shift of weight, impact of gravity, balancing momentum and resistance, shape versus effort, and(dareI say it?) play!
Being in a Yoga pose – and lets recall that asana essentially means seat – is to find a place to land, and hopefully dynamically explore and balance. In this place of conscious stillness, we can relax and learn to set our egos aside for a few breaths. And in the poses we call favorites, we may experience joy and freedom. What’s your favorite pose these days?
Now let’s imagine that same mental relaxation and dynamic ease, as we shift slowly into the next pose. Remember those little flip books that have a series of pictures that create a moving image of a man running, say, as we flip through the pages? Imagine if we had that degree of clarity of ourselves as we move through space? If we have a clear sense of ourselves IN motion nano-second by nano-second, we can feel free and joyous in transition, too. If we can be mindful in these in-between bits, we can create the opportunity to live moment by moment awake and attentive to what is. We can flow in the now.
See you on the screen Yogis.