What’s your story?

One of the great gifts of a Yoga Teacher Training is the sharing of the life stories of each of the students. The SmartFLOW Yoga Trainings are held in 11-day Intensives–and boy are they!! In each intensive, the whole group morphs into a sweet Tribe becoming a collective of souls who dare one another to open further to the possibility of honesty, truth and transformation. To be charged with witnessing; holding, really, the individual stories of each student in the tribe is my joy and privilege.

In the Advanced Training, Viveka–which we recently completed–the tribe begins to discern the stories that we have created about who we are and how we fit in this world. As modern-day Yogis, we start with the body, our treasure trove of memories, hopes and fears writ into the physical expression of each one of us. We dive through the layers, Koshas, and create practices to help unlock and expand into areas that may be sleepy, and support and sculpt areas that may have shut down –whatever the cause.

Viveka 2015

As we get to know our stories, what emerges is the truth that we can re-write them! Uncovering the myths that we have formed about who we are and how we relate to the world around us, reveals the flimsy nature of these stories–and that’s the good news! Because bringing light to the self-made story, brings light to our ability to re-write the stories, and re-configure our consciousness and our lives.

I am deeply grateful and truly uplifted by each and every one of you who dare to see your story with love and patience, and “re-story” your life into one of peace and happiness.