Class Schedule

MON: 9-10:15am
TUES: 9:30-11am
THURS: 6-7:30pm
SAT: 10:30-12pm
SUN: 8-9am (meditation)
SUN: 9-10:30am
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Workshops & Trainings

November 3-9 in San Francisco
The Art of Sequencing training at Yoga Tree

January 18-21 2019 in Laguna Niguel
Pranify: a Pranayama Intensive at You & The Mat


Demystify the Bandhas

Yogis! The Bandhas have the uncanny ability to bring physical strength and stability, as well as draw us inward to our most subtle selves.
This new 4 hour course on YogaGlo will teach you the physical and subtle body anatomy of the 3 great locks and offers practices so you can learn to embody them accurately and deeply.