Class Schedule

MON: 9-10:30am
WED: 5:30-7:00pm
SAT: 10:30-12pm
SUN: 8-9am (meditation)
SUN: 9-10:30am

My in-person classes are cancelled right now.
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Workshops & Trainings

May 2-8 in Oakland, CA
SmartFLOW training: The Art of Transitions at Nest Yoga

March 20-22 in Scottsdale, AZ (new dates coming soon)
SmartFLOW weekend at Modern Yoga

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The Heart of SmartFLOW II

Journey further into The Heart of SmartFLOW Yoga with me on my online home: Glo.

Grounded in both modern anatomy and classical yoga philosophy, this highly-evolved teaching methodology aims to create awareness and strength in the body, focus and curiosity in the mind, and presence and compassion.