The act done with knowledge, with inner awareness and faith, grows in power.” -Chandogya Upanishad

SmartFLOW yoga celebrates the innate intelligence of mindful, flowing movement and the centering gifts of stillness. This training couples classical yoga, with its rigor and discipline, and the modernity of anatomy and fluid transitions. The SmartFLOW Teacher Training offers you a strong foundation, yet remains in-depth with its emphasis on methodology: powerful principles — physical and spiritual — lead to inspired and creative teaching.

* The 200 hour training is foundational: for anyone who wants to take their practice to a new level: teachers, future teachers, and lovers of yoga. Fall in love with your practice and inspire others to do the same. (see below for our new online course alternative for certified teachers)

* Our Online Course is recommended for all Trainees, and is our Prerequisite for all entering our program at the Advanced level.

* The 300 hour Advanced Training is designed to bring your teaching to a deeper and more refined level. Your practice will catapult forward in its subtlety and power; your teaching will advance in your ability to assess, instruct and adjust, as well as build creative and transformative sequences, classes and workshops.
Each module offers an in-depth study and practice into a very specific aspect and expression of Practice. The modules can be taken in any order.

Completing your 200-hour with SmartFLOW (or another school) along with our 300-hr Advanced Training, will qualify you for Yoga Alliance registry at the 500-hour level.

Now you can access our Online Course at YogaGlo:The Heart of SmartFLOW Yoga. This course introduces you to SmartFLOW’s signature methodology, including Movement Principles 1, 2 and 4. It is an 11-hour online course, with lectures, anatomy, demos, Asana and Meditation practices.
If you want to join our 300-hour Advanced Training, and your 200 hour TT is from another school, this course will serve as your Prerequisite and must be completed before you join the Advanced-level modules. In addition, you will take a few classes online that further illuminate the method. Please EMAIL us if you questions, and when you complete this course, so we can get you enrolled in the module you are interested in.



Demystify the Bandhas: This 4 hour Online Course will teach you the physical and subtle body anatomy of the 3 great locks and offers practices so you can learn to embody them accurately and deeply.
Teachers: you’ll learn to connect the Bandhas with essential alignment cues to bring your students into more and more depth with stability and safety.


NEW Advanced Online Course!
The Heart of SmartFLOW Yoga II: Journey further into this practice online with Glo. This course will explore four of the eight Movement Principles in the SmartFLOW Teacher Training, with a review of the core concepts introduced in The Heart of SmartFLOW and Demystifying the Bandhas. Based around two essential yogic principles —abhyasa (do your practice!), and vairagya (let go of expectations) —you’ll dance along the continuum of applying effort and softening into what you discover. As you go deeper into your own practice and learn an inspired approach to teaching, SmartFLOW Yoga will also guide you toward greater personal inquiry and intuition.

Annie’s Teacher Training was one of the hardest, profound, intense and joyful experience of my life.” -Karin L.