Congratulations on completing the Advanced 300hr TT requirements!

As a certified SmartFLOW Instructor:

  • Title your classes and workshops “SmartFLOW”
  • Be an active member of the SmartFLOW community
  • Apply to Assist in SmartFLOW Workshops and Trainings
  • Progress towards becoming a SmartFLOW Trainer
  • Receive 20% discount on workshops

SmartFLOW Yoga Certification 

The certification process allows you to demonstrate your commitment to your practice and your intention to teach and share the SmartFLOW methodology. Once all your requirements have been completed for your 300/500 Advanced TT have been completed and you have received your SmartFLOW Advanced  Certificate, you may apply.


1. Describe your daily practice currently, and for the last 2 years.

2. Documentation of a minimum of 1 year of teaching SmartFLOW-informed yoga.  Include a letter or email from your employer or a teaching schedule dating back 1 year

3. Write a 2-3 page essay on the methodology and philosophy behind SmartFLOW and why you have chosen to teach this style

4. Write a 3-5 page essay comparing and contrasting the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and another classical book on Yoga or other Spiritual Practice that resonates with you.  Use this as an opportunity to express how these books illuminate and illustrate your life, as practice, on and off the mat.

5.  Create a video of you teaching a class with at least 5 students.  The class must be 60-90 minutes long. Include the sequence on a separate page.

6.  A 1-2 page critique of your teaching as seen in your video, with focus on the following areas:

a) Your connection to your students – when and where did you or did you not connect to your students specifically

b) Overall presentation – did you demo if needed? Give hands on adjustments appropriately?

c) Did you teach a SmartFLOW sequence with clear instructions of the specific movement principle(s) used a basic map moving from the Introduction of the Intention to the Targeted and Global Returns?

d) Were you able to be who you are and let your personality shine through?

7. At the time your application is submitted, there is a processing fee of $108. Please email us when you have everything ready, and we will give you instructions as to how to send everything.


Within six weeks of your submission, you will receive feedback, which may include a request for more information or a second video.

Completion Time Frame

SmartFLOW allows for two years to complete the 200 hour program and three years for the 300 hour program. Apply for your certification within no longer than three years after the completion of your Advanced TT. If circumstances prevent you from completing the program in the allotted time, an extension request can be submitted.

The SmartFLOW Certification Process is intended to be empowering, enlightening, and take you to a new growing edge of both your practice and your teaching; get curious, have fun and explore what is possible. We want you to expand fully into your greatest potential!